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Parish Resources

Find resources to help your parish be involved in the cause for life. 

"Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, and loved and forgiven." - Pope Francis

Let's Build a Culture of Life Together!

Respect for life begins in our own community with conversation, raising awareness, and taking action. Be creatively courageous in finding ways to reinvigorate your parish for the cause of life. 

Let's Begin!

First things first...

How pro-life is your parish?

Take this parish self assessment on Pro-Life Activities to find out your parish's strengths and weaknesses in the pro-life cause. This self-assessment is based on the USCCB Plan for Pro-Life Activities, it is meant to help you evaluate the success and dedication to respect life ministries in your parish. 

Let's Build your parish's Respect Life Ministry

Explore the documents below to learn more about how to begin or continue your respect life ministry at your parish. 

Beginning a Ministry

What is your mission, vision and focus? What makes an effective parish leader? 

Plan an Event

Why should you have this event? How much will it cost? What is the vision for it?

Tabling at Events

How can you engage people approaching your table? 

Promote your Events

What are the best practices to promote your event and secure a successful turnout.

Let's talk about Formation

Engaging in pro-life activities is not an easy task. Many factors will attempt to slow us down, back away or be indifferent. However, we must move forward. It is of great importance for pro-life leaders to be formed, well-equipped, and strengthen in prayer. The fight for life is no easy fight, find resources below to help you continue in this important cause. 


First thing to have as a parish leader is a good prayer life, specially in this ministry. We need to receive the grace from God to move forward in creating a culture of life...

Pile of Books
Sanctity of Human Life Course

The Office of Education and Formation, MLDJ offers the Sanctity of Human Life course for anyone interested in strengthening their knowledge of the sacredness of human life, so that we can proclaim the Culture of Life for the common good in all society...

Helping Hands
Service Opportunities

An effective way of learning is putting it into action. Volunteer at pregnancy centers, elder care and nursing homes, and other places to connect with the real people you are trying to help...

Helping Hand Badge
Additional Resources

Find additional resources to help you be better equipped to minister in pro-life activities...

Resources for Parish Life

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