We are ready to stand in the gap to help women and children and families.


Born Ready is a forum to empower, equip, mobilize, and resource Catholics to fulfill their baptismal call to serve women, children, and families, especially women in difficult and unexpected pregnancies.

On January 22, the California Bishops issued a statement committing to a vision of support for women, children and families. This is who we are as Catholics. For more than 2000 years, Catholics have cared for the most vulnerable by founding the first hospitals, orphanages, and social safety nets. We provide food, drink, clothing, shelter, healthcare, visit the sick and imprisoned, comfort the afflicted and the dying. We were born ready.

Now, as some states in the US ban abortion and others seek to be abortion destinations, Catholics will stand in the gap to support women, children and families with life affirming resources. We want every child, every woman, every family, to be supported in their dignity as a child of God, knowing that they too, are born ready.

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California Bishops Commit to Working for Better Futures for California’s Women, Children, and Families.

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One Number. One Solution

We envision a brighter future for women, children and families in California. A future where women are respected, children are protected, and families flourish.

One Number-One Solution (ONE) provides a simple pathway to connect the abundant safety net resources in California supported  by people of faith and goodwill throughout the state to those who need them most.

Be part of the Solution for life. Give today to Options United.