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Today we celebrate the Marian feast of our Patroness of the Americas. May she accompany and pray for us through our life’s tribulations.

 12, 2018

Father Erik, Associate Director of Priest Personnel of the Diocese of San Bernardino, gave the homily for the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Gudalupe at the Pastoral Center. He began with the following facts about the Tilma:

• The image has remained intact with all its original vibrancy for 475 years. The natural life span of a cloak made with cactus fiber is only about 15-30 years.

• Her eyes are looking down with humility and compassion. She is human, not God.

• She is wearing a blue-green mantle (the color worn by royalty) covered with stars.

• The stars signify she comes from heaven – the Queen of Heaven. The constellations are in the exact position as appeared before dawn on the morning of December 12, 1531.

• In the center of her robe, overlying her womb, is a four petal flower in the shape of a cross which is the sign of the Divine and the center of the cosmic order to the Aztec. The Virgin’s Baby, Jesus, is Divine and the new center of the universe. 

• Her hands are joined in prayer and, therefore, she is not God but clearly there is one greater than she.

• Her fur cuffs symbolize royalty.

• She wears a black maternity band signifying she is with Child.

• She stands in front of the sun. The sun symbolizes the greatest Aztec god. She announces the God who is greater than their sun god.

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